Expand your business network by meeting other professionals who match your interests in a personal one-on-one situation.

How it works


Create a profile

Create your own profile to get visible for like-minded people.


Find open one-on-ones

Does an open one-on-one sound interesting? Get in touch and organize a meeting.


Create your own one-on-one

No open one-on-ones which match your interests? Create your own and wait for others to contact you.


Happy Networking!

If you found a match then grab a coffee, go for lunch or join the video call.

An one-on-one is a face-to-face or virtual meeting of two people.

Originally, an one-on-one is a conversation between a manager and an employee. Here, the format is used for personal networking at eye level. This makes the networking experience much more intensive and you don't just stick to small talk like you would in a bigger group.

Why one-on-one?

Aladdin Ben Brahem @LottieFiles

No more boring small talk!

Everyone knows it. You just can't find common topics with your counterpart. With one-on-one, you only meet people who match your interests.

Itay Alon @LottieFiles

Sustainable networking!

In one-on-one, there are only two of you. This makes the networking experience more intensive and sustainable.

Andrey Senes @LottieFiles

Shyness was yesterday!

Many people find it difficult to approach others. Through the one-on-ones, the first step of contact is already made.

Dmytro Rohoznyi @LottieFiles

Get inspired!

Learn from the experiences of others and benefit from new perspectives and ideas.

Private Plans for your company

Overcome departmental boundaries and leverage the network effect across your entire organization

Bring the right people together and promote the exchange of know-how

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Private Plan Small Enterprise
Setup Setup company account in less than 10 minutes We support you with the onboarding in your company
Hosting Hosted within our public cloud but only employees can see each other We host a private app just for your company
User Authentification Via employees email or invite link Via OpenID Connect or SAML
Data Ownership On our side You own the data via a data processing agreement (DPA)